Hull: Helping Hands with #WeMadeThis

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8th January 2021
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12th January 2021

Hull: Helping Hands with #WeMadeThis

New Year, New Project just as #WeMadeThis promised.  This project was inspired by the  idea which came from Sue Conboy a little while ago.  There have been so many helping hands over previous months, it seemed like a good time to celebrate them. These hands have belonged to so many—those in the public services e.g. the NHS but also staff in schools who have worked to keep children learning in safe places,  local council workers who have worked to keep services running and available, volunteers in charities and agencies who have filled huge gaps and worked in many new and different ways to do this where needed and members of the community who have looked in on their neighbours, run virtual socials and been so imaginative in getting people together, sometimes for the first time!

Theme:  This project will demonstrate this celebration through the use of handshapes. Those handshapes can be formed into other shapes such as flowers or hearts or wreaths or angels wings or whatever you decide. They could become bunting or garlands or streamers or hangings. They could be made from whatever materials you choose. To these handshapes, you can then add your messages of thanks to those ‘helping hands’ you wish to celebrate. We know you will shine in your creative places.

The project will run from March 20th to April 11th and will be a trail across our city and the local area.

If you’d like to get involved, have a read of the blog post on their website below which contains all relevant information.

We Made This look forward to seeing all your ‘helping hands’!

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