Fly Tipping

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8th May 2017
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8th May 2017

Fly Tipping

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Download the Fly Tipping leaflet here

Fly tipping is the dumping of waste onto land illegally instead of using an authorised method such as kerbside collection or using an authorised Council refuse centre.

What to do if you witness fly tipped waste                                                                                  

If you witness fly tipping taking place

  • do not touch any of the waste – it may contain syringes, broken glass or hazardous chemicals
  • do not approach the people fly tipping
  • make a note of the day, date and time of the fly tipping
  • make a note of how many people were fly tipping, a description of their appearance and their vehicle (including make, model, colour and registration number)
  • if it is safe to do so, take photographs of the people and vehicles involved
  • report your findings to your local council

If you discover fly tipped waste –

  1. call your local council and inform them if it is near sensitive locations such as a school, rivers or drains, or on the highway
  1. give the council a rough description of the waste i.e 5 x black bin liners, mattress etc.
  2. if you see any items that may be hazardous (for example chemical drums or symbols that say toxic, harmful or an irritant) inform the council of this too!

What happens after you report fly tipping

Your report of fly tipped waste will be investigated by and subject to enforcement action by the councils environmental crime unit.

Fly tipped waste will be cleared within 5 working days of being reported, if the waste has been dumped on public land, open spaces or the highway.

If the fly tipped waste is on private land then the landlord or tenant is responsible for removing the illegally dumped waste. Legal obligations will apply to you in relation to the removal and disposal of fly tipped waste on your property.

If there is evidence to identify the person or people responsible for the fly tipping, the council will take enforcement action. If convicted, you may be able to recover the costs that you have incurred clearing your land.

Clearing fly tipped waste from private land

Your local council will not clear rubbish from private land. The land owner or occupier is responsible for clearing any fly tipped waste.

If you pay someone else to remove and dispose of fly tipped waste from your land, you must make sure that these persons are authorised and that you are given and keep safe a ‘controlled waste transfer note’. You will need this note as evidence should any wastes that have been removed from your land be found fly tipped elsewhere.

If anyone fails to provide you with a controlled waste transfer note, refuse to use their services and report them to the council.

Report a Fly Tipping Incident

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