Motorcycle Security

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26th January 2018
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29th January 2018

Motorcycle Security


Valuable bikes are at risk – fork locks are being broken and some parked bikes are simply lifted and carried off.

Follow the below advice to help keep your bike safe!

  1. Always lock your bike with the fork & ignition locks, remembering to remove the keys.  A secondary, quality disc or chain lock is essential when attempting to protect your bike.
  2. Locking your bike to a security rail, ground anchor or anything solid will make it hard to lift and steal.  When riding with friends, lock bikes together if there are no fixed anchor points available.
  3. Fit a quality, insurance approved motorbike alarm and tracking system.  Make sure you set it every time you leave your bike unattended.
  4. Invest in an insurance approved identification and marking system, e.g. micro dot, DNA marking or acide etching.  Mark major body panels and display any security warning stickers.
  5. Chain and anchor the bike even when storing it in a garage or shed at home
  6. Try to park out the general view of passers-by to minimise the chance of your bike being seen by an opportunistic criminal. 
  7. If the bike is on open view in the street or in your garden, cover it with a bike cover. This stops thieves from surveying what type of security devices you are using and planning how to overcome them.



When parking a motorbike, remember to think about a few added considerations.

  1. Always park and lock your bike in busy locations whenever possible.  Avoid remote or deserted areas.
  2. If you have to leave your bike in a public area during the hours of darkness choose an area illuminated by street lighting if available.
  3. Having your bike covered hides its value from any potential thief, as well as protecting it from the weather.
  4. Cover your bike to hide your security locks and chains.  Make it harder for the thief who may just be planning on how to steal it.

See anyone acting suspicious near to a motorbike? …..  then call 101 or 999 if you think any crime is in progress.

Some of the safest car parks are those which have been awarded the ‘Park Mark Safer Parking’ tick

To find a Park Mark site near you visit


Motorcycle security leaflet

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