3rd September 2021

05.10.21 – Cancer Champion Awareness workshop

We are pleased to let you know that we will shortly be holding another one of our very […]
3rd September 2021

20.10.21 – Neighbourhood Network Annual Awards and 10th Birthday Celebration 2021

The Neighbourhood Network Team are pleased to present the 2021 Annual Awards Event, which will be taking place […]
3rd September 2021

07.10.21 – Neighbourhood Network Get Together

Join the Neighbourhood Network for a fun filled afternoon, with tea, cake and a free show! The Neighbourhood […]
25th June 2021

09.07.21 – Wildlife in your community workshop

On Friday 9th July at 10.30am we will be hosting another wonderful Wildlife in your community session with […]
28th May 2021

11.06.21 – Litter pick with the NN Team

What better way to end a very busy Neighbourhood Watch week 2021 than doing some Litter Picking! It’s […]
28th May 2021

03.06.21 – Modern Slavery workshop

The Neighbourhood Network are pleased to welcome back Andrew Smith from Humber Modern Slavery Partnership who will delivering […]
28th May 2021

07.06.21 – Neighbourhood Watch Natter, let’s talk all things NHW

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest crime prevention voluntary movement in England and Wales and has upwards of 2.3 million […]
28th May 2021

08.06.21 – Cyber-Crime & Neighbourhood Watch Webinar

Protecting yourself and those in your communities from becoming victims of cybercrime and fraud has never been more […]
28th May 2021

09.06.21 – Introduction to Mental Health Workshop

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem, so it’s so important we […]
28th May 2021

10.06.21 – Child Exploitation, know the signs Webinar

Sexual exploitation is a form of abuse where young people are forced or manipulated into sexual activity. The abuser may groom […]
28th May 2021

11.06.21 – Organised Crime and the part we can play Webinar

Organised crime is not just on TV, its real and it’s in our communities. With links to drug […]
28th May 2021

23.06.21 – Keeping safe from Fraud

Join the Neighbourhood Network team on Wednesday 23rd June at 10.30am along with Amanda Smith from NatWest for […]
19th March 2021

07.04.21 – Cancer Champion Awareness workshop

After the success of the teams previous session, the Neighbourhood Network have now scheduled another Cancer Champion Awareness […]
18th March 2021

19.04.21 – Cyber and Fraud awareness workshop

Back by popular demand, the NN team are partnering with Fraud Watch for another Cyber and Fraud awareness […]
17th March 2021

22.04.21 – Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner Election Event

The Neighbourhood Network are pleased to announce that they have organised a hustings event with all three 2021 […]
17th March 2021

30.04.21 – Wildlife in your community workshop

As part of our ongoing ‘Keep Connected’ series we will be hosting another chance to speak to Yorkshire […]
1st March 2021

26.05.21 – Cyber and Fraud awareness workshop

The NN team are partnering with Fraud Watch for another Cyber and Fraud awareness workshop. The session will […]
1st March 2021

12.05.21 – Home Security Workshop

How secure is your home? Join the Neighbourhood Network team for an in-depth look into areas of the […]
25th January 2021

25.01.21 Neighbourhood Watch New Year Natter!

We’ve got the date and time set, so all we need now is your attendance with the kettle […]
22nd January 2021

09.02.21 – Cyber & Fraud Awareness workshop

Join PC Alistair Kennedy and Devan Witter from Fraud Watch to talk about how you can protect yourself […]
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