Online Scam Awareness Training

Funding: Stronger Futures Fund
22nd March 2019
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22nd March 2019

Online Scam Awareness Training

If you missed our Scam Awareness Workshops this week, why not go online and check out the ‘Friends Against Scams’ training awareness tool, a short sharp look at how you can help prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

The online session covers the following:

  • Why is learning about scams important?
  • Types of Scams
  • How to spot a victim…
  • Anyone can be a scam victim…
  • Spot the signs
  • Top Tips – what can you do to protect yourself and/or others?
  • Reporting a Scam
  • Congratulations – You are now a Friend Against Scams
  • If you would like to do more…

Check out the link to access the training and for more information.