Humber Watch Association along with 60 Humberwide Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators celebrated 40 years of Neighbourhood Watch’!

The event at the Country Park Hessle included an address from Humberside Polices’ Adil Khan and Mark Lovell, along with a presentation of the history and current campaigns from Central Support Team staff member, Cheryl Spruce. The Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison also took time to address and thank attending coordinators.

After refreshments and networking, attendees were treated to an interactive production by Spin Off Productions; a play focusing on telephone fraud during the lockdown period. Coordinators were invited to offer advice and help play out an alternative more positive outcome to the potential fraud.

The Humber Watch event was the culmination of ’40 years, 40 actions’ campaign, where the four unitary authority areas supporting NHW, organised 10 actions each, in the months leading up to this special 40th year event. 40th Anniversary | Neighbourhood Watch Network (