The Neighbourhood Network is FREE to join and the registration process is simple to complete.

From the registration process the Neighbourhood Network team will have an understanding of your needs and be able to advise or introduce valuable contacts to support your group and members.

The Neighbourhood Network encourages and supports groups to make a difference within their communities, creating a safer environment in which to live/work. Past and present projects of the Neighbourhood Network that you too could benefit from include:

Help and support in setting up a No Cold Calling Zone to deter bogus callers favicon Support with applying for a gating scheme to protect your property favicon Help to set up a Neighbourhood Watch area with signs and stickers provided favicon Providing members of the Network with training on the practice of Restorative Justice favicon The loan of a trial camera in the hope of catching intelligence in relation to a spike in crimes favicon Support with business watch/retail crime initiatives favicon 1:1 social media support for member groups favicon Delivering workshops to school children on personal safety favicon Invitations to events and networking opportunities for your group favicon Linking members to key personnel in relation to their individual needs favicon The opportunity to purchase discounted Crime Prevention Equipment favicon Security and Fire safety checks for your home favicon Opportunity to take part in the Neighbourhood Network annual Awards favicon Receive weekly E-bulletins with Community Safety news favicon Opportunity to share your messages through the Neighbourhood Networks media platforms. favicon Opportunity to become part of a unique network of Community Safety Partners favicon Inclusion in the Neighbourhood Network’s specially commissioned film for Hull 2017 favicon Access to funding news and opportunities favicon Links to the national ‘Ourwatch’ scheme

Membership Benefits Latest News

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I only want to take advantage of using the CCTV camera once, do I still need to join the Neighbourhood Network?
Yes, as well as receiving all the other benefits by joining the Neighbourhood Network, we also use the registration process as a monitoring tool for our funding evidence.
I don’t want to receive the weekly e-bulletins anymore, do I have to cancel my membership?
No, we understand not everyone wants to receive weekly e-mails. Simply e-mail us with a request to take you off the weekly e-bulletin list.
I’m not a member of the Neighbourhood Network but would like to enter into the Awards, can I do this?
No, however it’s very simple to join. Please call us on Tel: 01482 826061 if you have any questions or concerns about joining the Neighbourhood Network.