It’s good to share!

News 1
Increase in Neighbourhood Watch Groups
25th May 2017
Volunteer News 1
Welcome to the Team Kirsty – Admin Support Volunteer
25th May 2017

It’s good to share!

News 2

The Neighbourhood Network not only supports community groups but is a communication channel for other organisations across the city too.  We know how important it is to spread the word of important messages or events and activities that appeal our subscribers, so we encourage other organisations to join the Network so we can spread their news and they in turn can spread our messages benefiting everyone – building a stronger communication channel as we go.

During May 2017 two new member organisations have seen the benefit of joining the Neighbourhood Network, which will spread their messages further.

Welcome onboard Believe in Hull and Healthwatch Hull, we look forward to circulating your news!!!

If you or your organisation would like to benefit from our communication networks, please join us by completing our registration form on the ‘Join Us’ page.


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