Hull: Policing on the Great Thornton Street estate

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7th August 2018
Hull: Wanted for alleged burglary
9th August 2018

Hull: Policing on the Great Thornton Street estate

Chief Inspector Michelle Garlick said: “I want reassure the residents living in and around the Thornton estate in Hull that we have been carrying out a lot of work in the area – and will continue to do so.

“We are fully aware of the issues in that part of Hull. Officers regularly patrol the estate, we have targeted activity by our proactive team including executing warrants, as well as covert activity. 

“Since November, patrol officers have carried out more than 130 hours of patrols on the Thornton estate alone. We go into blocks and we patrol corridors to combat drug dealing, violent crime and other criminal activity. 

“We’ve performed 208 stop-checks, referred 22 people to support agencies and arrested 10 people. We also work directly with private security firms. 

“We work with Hull City Council, MPs, councillors, charities, drug support agencies, health services, and homeless charities amongst others to look at how we can help to make the estate a better place to live, and to keep the people safe who live there. 

“Operation Ignition in the city centre has been extremely successful in removing individuals who commit antisocial and criminal behaviour. We use the same powers available to us in other parts of the city. 

“As always, we want residents to report anything to us that they are concerned about. We have seen the successes achieved in other parts of the force area that can happen when the public engage with us. We need this information to be able to put our officers where they need to be.”