The Chestnut Fund

Hull: Festive fundraising event for Scope (Ukulele Christmas Strum)
13th December 2019
City Health Care Partnership Foundation – Small Grants
13th December 2019

The Chestnut Fund

The Chestnut Fund is an independent charity. It makes grants available to encourage and enable community groups to carry out conservation activities. The grants are administered by TCV.

The grants fall into two categories – ‘Start-up’ grants and ‘Support’ grants.

Start-up grants

These are for groups who have no money when they are first set up and are available to groups in their first year of existence.

The grant will enable them to begin practical work and will cover administrative expenses, e.g. postage, publicity, hire of meeting rooms, telephone bills and/or the first year of The Conservation Volunteers Community Network Membership plus Insurance fees.

The maximum grant will be £150.

Support grants

These are for groups who have no money for tools, equipment and training.

Preference will be given to resources selected from The Conservation Volunteers sources. This grant is available to all groups, regardless of how long they have been constituted.

Groups within their first year can apply for both the start-up grant and the support grant.

The maximum grant will be £350.

Application forms

The Chestnut Fund committee meets every 6 weeks to discuss new applications.

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