Retail Crime/Business Watches Initiatives

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Trail Camera – Project now finished
10th May 2017
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10th May 2017

Retail Crime/Business Watches Initiatives

Retail Crime Business Watches Initiatives

The Neighbourhood Network can offer support to existing retail Crime Initiatives / Business Watches or can help with setting up new ones.

One example of our work in this area is with the Newland Business Watch. In summer 2016 the Neighbourhood Network in partnership with Humberside Police started work on bringing together the retailers situated on Newland Avenue in the city, in order to form a new retail crime initiative.

This was born from the local crime statistics for the area and the concerns raised with the local PCSO from the Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team about the need for a group being re-established working together to combat retail crime.

The first step of the process was to survey the retailers to find out about the issues and hear from them their own ideas for any arising problems. The Neighbourhood Network in consultation with PCSO Mellors produced a survey that was answered by 95 respondents.

The survey was useful in forming a plan going forward for the initiative and some of the results are as follows:


Has your business experienced criminal activity within the last year?

54.7% Answered Yes


Do you report all incidents to the Police?

63.5% Answered Yes


Would you like to be made aware of reported criminal activity within your business area?

97.9% Answered Yes



The plan of action from the results was to set up a Facebook page initially with the policing team and the Neighbourhood Network as administrators. The hope was that this page would be used as communication tools between the retailers and policing team, updating on issues in the area. Eventually we hope for the retailers to take ownership of this page.

It was also agreed that a newsletter would be designed and given out to communicate the survey findings and how we intended to tackle the issues raised.
The Neighbourhood Network have also produced stickers for the retailer’s windows and have just produced and secured 12 signs to be erected on the lampposts, making people aware they are entering a watch area.

This is an on-going support project, but just one example of our work helping to make your communities safer.

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