Victim of Crime Support Project

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28th June 2019
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1st July 2019

Victim of Crime Support Project

The Neighbourhood Network Team have partnered with the North Carr Ward Councillors, Kingswood Ward Councillors, West Carr Ward Councillors, Humberside Police, Hull City Council Housing team and Ward Area Co-ordinators to deliver a new project to these areas of the city to support victims of crime and those vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime.

Through their daily work community safety advocates such as Humberside Police come across victims of crime and vulnerable people that would benefit from some basic target hardening items for themselves or property.  The community safety advocates then do a small assessment on the needs of the individual and complete a short form. This is sent to the NN team, who package together the equipment and deliver to those identified. The equipment is provided from a grant donation from the Ward Councillors, so no cost to the individual.

Equipment includes; window alarms, door chimes, personal alarms, dummy CCTV cameras and stickers.

It’s a positive way of making a small gesture towards supporting victims of crime and vulnerable residents in the North Carr, West Carr and Kingswood Wards of the city.

‘’Thank you for your help in supplying the two addresses with window/door/personal alarms. From speaking to the tenants, they have expressed how appreciative they are for the additional security and it has made them feel more secure in their homes (both tenants had previously moved due to experiencing Domestic Violence). Security and reassurance are of paramount importance to both tenants.’’

Housing Team Officer, Hull City Council

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