Safe Places Scheme

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10th May 2017
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The Neighbourhood Network Sets New Aims
24th May 2017

Safe Places Scheme

safe place scheme

safe placeEveryone should be able to go out in their community and feel safe.  However, this isn’t always the case. 

Hull Safe Places Scheme enables vulnerable people, whether this is someone with learning disabilities, a dementia sufferer or anyone who is feeling vulnerable, scared, confused or lost would be able to use the safe place scheme and ask for help.

How it works

Firstly, users of the scheme will need to register their details and carry around with them a Safe Place card.  This will have the users name on, as well as who to contact when in difficulty, such as a family member, carer or their social worker.

When the user is out and about and becomes in distress, they can then seek a ‘safe place’.  This is identified by looking for the safe place window stickers; these are displayed in a wide range of public places such as shops, community centres and libraries to show they are a ‘safe place’ to go to.

All safe place venues who display the window stickers will have been trained on this scheme and will then contact the user’s contact, which will be listed on the card to seek additional help and support, depending on each situation.

If you would like to become a user of this scheme or would like to sign up as a Safe Place venue, please contact the Neighbourhood Network on Tel: 01482 826061 or E-mail:

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