6th December 2018
Secure Bin Strap
15th March 2019

Burglary Pack



Help make your home look occupied even when you’re not there and deter any potential intruders. 

This pack contains:- 

x1 Defender TV Light Simulator:-

  • Simulates the effects of a switched on TV in a dark room
  • Makes burglars think your home is occupied
  • Ideal for activating when you’re out of the house or away on holiday
  • Dusk timer setting means the unit can auto activate for 4 or 7 hours after dark
  • Uses less energy than leaving your actual TV on. Mains powered.

x1 Defender 24 Hour Segment Timer:-

  • 24 hour compact segment timer switch
  • Can be used with lights and appliances up to 3200W 
  • Deter burglars by making it seem like someone is home
  • Lights / appliances turn on/off at your programmed times
  • 1 segment = 15 minutes. 15 minute to 24hr range setting 
  • Very accurate time keeping
  • Set once and forget 
  • Reset only when you want to change on/off times
  • Excellent value for money

x2 Window Vibration Alert Alarm

x1 UV Pen

x6 Security Stickers