Anybody can set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Neighbourhood Watch aims to build safer, stronger and more resilient communities.

Many schemes start very small and then grow once residents see what it’s all about. Some groups have regular meetings whereas others just chat to neighbours to alert them of any issues. Some groups are embracing developments in technology and manage Facebook and Twitter accounts sharing information online. Other groups create newsletters to let their members know about area issues, whereas as some communicate to their members via email. The main thing is to make a start and know that the Neighbourhood Network is here to assist.

We have listed below a step by step guide to forming a Neighbourhood Watch Group/Neighbourhood Network:

Identify an area to set up a scheme

This can be any size, but it is best to start with no more than 30 households.

Find out who is interested

Speak to your neighbours and find out if they are interested in starting a scheme. To do this you can distribute a small questionnaire, visit your neighbours or chat to them in the street when you see them.

Set up a system to communicate with your group members

The main aim of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Group/Neighbourhood Network is to share information and deal with issues within your Neighbourhood. Consider how you will keep group members informed and how, as a group you will deal with any issues.

To further the aims of Neighbourhood Watch and ensuring public confidence in Neighbourhood Watch, members should adhere to the ethics and policies adopted by the Neighbourhood Watch Network.

Join the Neighbourhood Network

To apply for Neighbourhood Watch signs on your street, complete the form and we will seek approval from Hull City Council

Once you have decided you would like to go ahead in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Group, get in touch with the Neighbourhood Network who will introduce you to your local policing team and supply contact details for your area council team, so you can contact them directly with issues concerning you in your Neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood Network can also offer advice, help with the supply of Neighbourhood Watch signs and stickers and introduce you to representatives from other local organisations that can help strengthen your group and help you make a difference in your community.

Register your group on the 'our watch' website

To become an official Neighbourhood Watch group, we advise all groups to register on the national Neighbourhood Watch website, this allows your group to use the Neighbourhood Watch brand logo and is mapped on the national database. The Neighbourhood Network can help and support new groups in doing this.

The Neighbourhood Network have really helped and given me the confidence I needed to take the idea forward of starting a Neighbourhood Watch Group. We have gone from strength to strength and feel we are making a difference in our neighbourhood

Mrs Brown NWG

Humber Watch Association


Organisations that support Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the Humberside Police area have come together to form a Humber Watch Association.

This will allow each organisation – in Hull (Neighbourhood Network), East Yorkshire (East Riding of Yorkshire Council), North Lincolnshire (North Lincolnshire Council) and North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) – to come together in sharing good practice; developing a collective approach to addressing issues affecting local Neighbourhood Watch Groups; improving possible access to funding and developing long term strategies to increase wider community participation across the region.

The formation of a Humber Watch Association will help them to develop more effective working with the police and for strategies to be aligned to keep communities safe and involve the public in creating safer neighbourhoods.

The constituted association will also allow the community representatives to proactively contribute to both national and local events promoting Neighbourhood Watch, encouraging both existing new schemes and encouraging new growth. Whilst assisting each area in coordinating events during national Neighbourhood Watch week and times of the year when community safety messages are appropriate or to tackle crime trends.

The association is open to anyone who is currently a registered Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator. We welcome anyone who would like to contribute to a Humber wide group and has a forward thinking approach. We are also wanting to hear from Neighbourhood Watch coordinators to find out the type of issues that communities are facing and would like to look at different approaches to solve these issues across the Humberside area.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Humber Watch Association, please e-mail the appropriate contact for your area:

Hull - Neighbourhood Network T: 01482 826061 E-mail:

East Yorkshire - East Riding of Yorkshire Council T: 01482 391013 E-mail:

North Lincolnshire - North Lincolnshire Council T: 01724 244634 E-mail:

North East Lincolnshire - VANEL T: 07540 052494 E-mail:


Meetings currently take place at the Bespoke Centre, Zeal's Garth, Wawne Road, Hull HU7 4WD. To find out when the next meeting will take place, please call the Neighbourhood Network on Tel: 01482 826061 or E-mail:

Neighbourhood Watch Latest News


Who can join the Neighbourhood Network?
Any group of people with an interest in community safety can join the Neighbourhood Network. Your group can be informal or it can be formally constituted.
How many members does a group need to have?
The smallest Neighbourhood Network group registered currently has 5 members and the largest group has over 17,000 members.
Do I have to be from Hull to join the Neighbourhood Network?
Not anymore, however the majority of groups registered are in situated in Hull. We do have some groups who reside in the East Riding of Yorkshire and we are hoping to support more along the boundaries of the East Riding.
How do I join the Neighbourhood Network?
Registration is simple, just fill out the registration form and email/send back to us. As soon as we add you to the database you can take advantage of the membership support, including receiving the weekly newsletter.
Why should I join the Neighbourhood Network?
By joining the Neighbourhood Network you become part of a unique network of members with a community safety focus. Membership also includes access to a weekly newsletter, training, funding opportunities, networking opportunities and lots more.
Do I have to run a specific Neighbourhood Watch Group to be a member of the Neighbourhood Network?
No, our members are from all different types of groups, but all have a community safety element. Group types include Resident Associations, Business Watches, Churches, Schools, Allotment Groups, Charities and many more.
How much does it cost to be a member?
Nothing, membership to the Neighbourhood Network is free.
How much of my time will it take to run a group?
All groups are different but a Residents Group or Neighbourhood Watch Group can take as much or as little time as you want to put in it.
Can the Neighbourhood Network help my Neighbourhood Watch Group obtain signs and stickers for my street?
Yes the Neighbourhood Network can help with the supply Neighbourhood Watch Signs and stickers, along with other useful crime prevention booklets.
If I set up a group, do I have to have regular meetings?
No, you don’t have to have meetings you can communicate with members through other ways.