Find out about the wide range of group types that the Neighbourhood Network support

The Neighbourhood Network in its current form supports all different types of groups with a community safety remit. The type of support and resources accessed is different according to the type of groups, however each member group has their own reasons for registering and becoming part of this unique network.

Neighbourhood Watch Groups - These types of groups form a quarter of the 400 plus member groups of the Neighbourhood Network. The Network supports these groups in many ways such as the procurement and erection of Neighbourhood Watch Signs in the area of the watch. The National Neighbour Watch / Our Watch also distributes stickers and booklets through the Neighbourhood Network to be passed onto members. These groups often benefit by introductions to their local Policing team and Council Area Teams if they are not already familiar. The Network can also support these groups by attending events they organise for their own members. Just to be at the other end of the telephone can be just what these groups need sometimes. To hear a friendly voice who can advise on issues and signpost the members to the correct individual/organisation for help.

The Neighbourhood Network have really helped and given me the confidence I needed to take the idea forward of starting a Neighbourhood Watch Group. We have gone from strength to strength and feel we are making a difference in our neighbourhood

Mrs Brown NWG

Church/Faith Groups - These types of groups are often at the heart of the community and have a natural concern with keeping their community safe. These groups often use the social networks of the Neighbourhood Network to advertise their own events, training opportunities or new classes they may be starting. They can also pass on community safety messages to their members either by word of mouth or often on display boards in their buildings.

Community Centres - These groups are often seen as the hub for a community with lots of different user types from the very young to the elderly; to the sports clubs or activities for the less-able. Sharing their news stories, events and activities along with promoting their facilities is something the Neighbourhood Network supports, reaching out to a wider audience that they may not have without the Neighbourhood Network’s media platforms.

Schools/Educational Establishments - Educating and making young people aware of the dangers of crime is something the Neighbourhood Network actively supports. The Network can support schools or college members by attending their events to talk to students about crime prevention and staying safe. The Network can also share messages from the schools/colleges with its members and likewise we know of some schools who like to share the Neighbourhood Network’s weekly newsletter with their parents over email.

Housing Associations/Sheltered Housing Schemes - These types of member groups really benefit by an introduction to their local Policing teams, if this has been recently lost. The Neighbourhood Network can offer attendance at events/meetings and to help educate residents on how to keep safe. Just by offering face- to-face contact to showcase the different types of security measures residents can put in place, really does make a difference. Events can also be shared through the Neighbourhood Network’s social media platform, thus reaching a wider audience. The charity has also supported these member groups by helping with bid writing, for example for strengthened security.

Business Watch - The Neighbourhood Network along with other community safety partners support these members by helping to co-ordinate the watches, along with offering of advice and support with communication. It could be in terms of helping with administration, setting up social media platforms, social media training or the procurement and erection of street signs and/or stickers.

Allotment Watch Groups - These groups benefit from the Neighbourhood Network membership as they can hire for free a camera to capture data within their allotment. The network can also provide useful l link to potential funding pots and have previously helped with bid writing for strengthened security on allotment sites.

Charities/Non for profit organisations - These types of groups benefit by the Neighbourhood Network showcasing the work and potential support each organisation can offer. The Network can share their events and activities along with offering funding news and key safety information in return. These groups can also pass the Neighbourhood Network messages onto their service users, offering a two way partnership.

Community Groups - Within this classification are many different types of members and some represent the most vulnerable in society. The Network can support community groups by being at the end of the phone to advice on issues. In the past the charity has advised on formalising groups, advised on setting up bank accounts, funding bids to advice on organising events.

Residents Associations - Again like Community Groups, these members often just need the help in formalising their ideas and plans. Membership for them can help with being able to share the weekly newsletter to update their residents or it could be the introduction from the Network to a key individual/organisation that would help the Resident Associations cause.

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I don’t fall in to any type of membership you have listed; can I still be a member?
Yes, we try to group the members into ‘a type’ for the Neighbourhood Network reporting system. We welcome all different types of groups, so don’t worry about this aspect.
My group will only have three members; can I still be a member?
Yes, we have large and small groups registered as member groups.
I run a group on social media and I don’t know everyone in the group, is this a problem?
No, just as long as you are communicating to your members.
I would like to setup a group but I am only aged 14, can I still do this?
Yes, although we would need the details of a parent/guardian, so approval can be obtained before sending email information to you.
Can more than one person in my group receive the weekly email newsletter?
Yes we can send the newsletters out to any member of your group; however the majority of members like to receive the newsletter and add more local information to it, before sending to their members!
I don’t have an email, so can my group still register with the Neighbourhood Network?
Of course as long as we have a telephone number and postal address you can register.
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