Increase in Neighbourhood Watch Groups

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The Neighbourhood Network Sets New Aims
24th May 2017
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25th May 2017

Increase in Neighbourhood Watch Groups

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During April 2017 the Neighbourhood Network has seen an increase in the set up of Neighbourhood Watch Groups across the city.  Not only is this great news for the city, it really shows how residents are coming together to make a difference and are want to do something about the issues they face in their neighbourhoods.

Whether this is tackling the litter problems by organising litter picking events, encouraging more people to report fly tipping or to raise awareness of local crimes, addressing these issues together as a community can give a real sense of achievement and once they start seeing results can empower communities to do more.

We have also seen an increase in residents turning to social media to share information.  With social media becoming more and more popular, people are looking at ways of utilising this platform and sharing information in their local areas, bringing a new outlook to perceptions of a traditional   ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. 

New groups welcomed in April 2017 are:

  • Berkeley Street Neighbourhood Watch
  • Boothferry North Neighbourhood Watch Network
  • Ella Street Neighbourhood Watch
  • Foredyke, Glebe, Josclyn Avenue and Leads Road Neighbourhood Watch
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