There are lots of ways people can volunteer, find out about the variety of opportunities available

Creating Volunteer Opportunities

The majority of the groups registered with the Neighbourhood Network are from the Voluntary and Community Sector, with the lead contact co-ordinating the group on an entirely voluntary basis. This means the hard work is undertaken without financial reward, often in evenings or weekends around a paid job.

Create a Neighbourhood Network group in your area

Whether this is a Neighbourhood Watch group, Neighbours group, Community group, Residents Association, Social Media group, just as long as you are bringing a community together in whatever way you feel fit, giving the opportunity for people to communicate and share their concerns, raise issues, create community events collectively giving your community a voice and making a difference!

To create a new group or join your active group to benefit from the Neighbourhood Network services, please complete our registration form below.

Join an active Neighbourhood Network group in your area

If someone is wanting to volunteer within a certain geographical area that they live or work, the Neighbourhood Network can connect individuals to the groups registered and operating in that area.

Individuals may also want to volunteer on a project such as with the homeless, helping the environment or those with disabilities for example, where again the Neighbourhood Network can create connections with member groups who fit these criteria.

Please contact us on Tel: 01482 826061 or by email:

Volunteer with the Neighbourhood Network team

There are also opportunities to volunteer and gain work experience with the Neighbourhood Network management team. We have recently had Neighbourhood Network volunteers working with the team on Humberside Police burglary reduction initiatives, working within the office on the business administration and a volunteer helping with the new website design.

For more information, please get in touch with us on Tel: 01482 826061 or by email: or complete the Volunteer registration form below and we will contact you.

Volunteer with Humberside Police and Humberside Fire & Rescue

The Neighbourhood Network has close links with Humberside Police and Humberside Fire & Rescue’s Community Engagement Officer Joy Harvie, who can provide information on becoming a Community Safety Volunteer.

The tasks performed by the volunteers vary, but will never replace roles held by paid staff. Among the areas within Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue volunteers may be used for:Administrative support, Diversity and community engagement, Recruitment event assistance, Helping to give crime prevention and fire safety advice, Playing roles in training exercises.

Please contact Joy Harvie on 01482 220723 for further information on these opportunities.

Rewards and Recognition

The Neighbourhood Network, like its partner Humberside Police holds an annual event to reward and recognise the achievements of its volunteer groups and the amazing work they undertake.

The 2018 Annual Awards event took place in October and recognised many of the achievements of its member groups in making the communities of Hull a safer place to live and work. 2019's event will be held on October 22nd at the Guild Hall - All welcome!!

To nominate your group, please click here

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Can I volunteer for the Neighbourhood Network Charity?
Yes the Neighbourhood Network can offer volunteering opportunities depending on the current project workload and experience of those wanting to volunteer.
How does the Neighbourhood Network recognise the achievements of its registered groups?
The Neighbourhood Network holds an annual awards event, where past categories have included; Neighbourhood Network Group of the Year, Engaging with Youth Award, Engaging with the Elderly Award, Community Group f the Year and Community Champion of the Year.
How can I become a Community Safety Volunteer for Humberside Police?
Please contact Joy Harvie the Humberside Police’s Community Engagement Officer for more information on this opportunity (01482 220723
What age can I become a Community Safety Volunteer for Humberside Police?
A volunteer must be 16 and left secondary education, however there is no upper age limit to becoming a Community Safety Volunteer.
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