Protect yourself from Flooding

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15th July 2019
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15th July 2019

Protect yourself from Flooding

Preparing yourself for a flood will make things so much easier if your home is ever flooded.  Putting things in place such as installing flood protection products or preparing a Flood kit ‘Grab bag’ are key ways of minimising the risks and surviving the worst.  You can also sign up to the Flood Alert system, to receive flood alert notifications, check out the below for more information.

Find out if you’re at risk

Enter your postcode to find out if you’re in an area at risk from flooding.

Sign up for flood warnings

Know what to do


Flood kits

You should prepare a bag of essential items to take with you if you have to leave your home. Keep this in a safe place.

What should I include in a Flood kit?

  • Emergency Flood Kit
  • Insurance documents and other important documents
  • Mobile phones and charges
  • Clothing
  • Glasses
  • Emergency cash and credit cards
  • Prescriptions medications/repeat prescriptions forms
  • Precious items

Please remember that even though you have done your best to prevent water entering your property there is still a risk of flooding. People tell us that the most devastating loss is their memorabilia – things that can’t be replaced. It is so important that you keep these precious items upstairs, in a loft or in high, safe place in your home.

Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water

You can make changes to your property that will help you to get back to normal more quickly after a flood and reduce the damage flooding can do.

To reduce flood damage you can take steps such as laying tiles instead of carpets, moving electrical sockets higher up the wall and fitting non-return valves to stop flood water entering your property through the drains. Bluepages lists suppliers of flood products and services.

For more information on advance measures, get the National Flood Forum’s property protection guides for property owners or for local authorities and professionals.

Simple maintenance like keeping drains and gullies clear of debris will also help to protect your property.

Check your insurance

Find out where you’ll get help