Please read below some of the frequently asked questions to the Neighbourhood Network team.

If you can't find the answer to your question - please call the team on 01482 826061 or email

I don’t fall in to any type of membership you have listed; can I still be a member?
Yes, we try to group the members into ‘a type’ for the Neighbourhood Network reporting system. We welcome all different types of groups, so don’t worry about this aspect.
My group will only have three members; can I still be a member?
Yes, we have large and small groups registered as member groups.
I run a group on social media and I don’t know everyone in the group, is this a problem?
No, just as long as you are communicating to your members.
I would like to setup a group but I am only aged 14, can I still do this?
Yes, although we would need the details of a parent/guardian, so approval can be obtained before sending email information to you.
Can more than one person in my group receive the weekly email newsletter?
Yes we can send the newsletters out to any member of your group; however the majority of members like to receive the newsletter and add more local information to it, before sending to their members!
I don’t have an email, so can my group still register with the Neighbourhood Network?
Of course as long as we have a telephone number and postal address you can register.
Is the Neighbourhood Network the same as HanWAG?
No, the Neighbourhood Network is a charity which supports Neighbourhood Watch groups as well as groups with an interest in community safety.
Does the Neighbourhood Network only support groups in Hull?
Previously, the Network’s coverage only included Hull. However, due to the partnership work with East Riding Council, we are now working closely with the boundary areas and enabling groups to be part of both the Neighbourhood Network and the East Riding Council’s NHW support team, offering joint benefits. If a group is located on the boundaries of Hull and East Riding, and would like to be a part of the Neighbourhood Network, please contact us on Tel: 01482 826061.
How does the Neighbourhood Network decide on its aims?
The Neighbourhood Network sets its aims and priorities of work based on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s current Police and Crime Plan.
How does the Neighbourhood Network achieve its aims?
The Neighbourhood Network works towards achieving its aims by its continuous support of its member groups and partners throughout its various projects. Visit the projects page to have a look at some of the current work that is helping the charity achieve its aims.
Is the Neighbourhood Network part of the police?
No, the Neighbourhood Network is a stand-alone charity that is funded by many different organisations. However the charity does work with Humberside Police in trying to achieve safer communities for all to live and work in.
Is the Neighbourhood Network part of Hull City Council?
No the Neighbourhood Network is stand-alone charity. However it is currently a tenant of Hull City Council, renting office space at the Bespoke Centre in North Bransholme.
I only want to take advantage of using the CCTV camera once, do I still need to join the Neighbourhood Network?
Yes, as well as receiving all the other benefits by joining the Neighbourhood Network, we also use the registration process as a monitoring tool for our funding evidence.
I don’t want to receive the weekly e-bulletins anymore, do I have to cancel my membership?
No, we understand not everyone wants to receive weekly e-mails. Simply e-mail us with a request to take you off the weekly e-bulletin list.
I’m not a member of the Neighbourhood Network but would like to enter into the Awards, can I do this?
No, however it’s very simple to join. Please call us on Tel: 01482 826061 if you have any questions or concerns about joining the Neighbourhood Network.
Can I volunteer for the Neighbourhood Network Charity?
Yes the Neighbourhood Network can offer volunteering opportunities depending on the current project workload and experience of those wanting to volunteer.
How does the Neighbourhood Network recognise the achievements of its registered groups?
The Neighbourhood Network holds an annual awards event, where past categories have included; Neighbourhood Network Group of the Year, Engaging with Youth Award, Engaging with the Elderly Award, Community Group f the Year and Community Champion of the Year.
How can I become a Community Safety Volunteer for Humberside Police?
Please contact Joy Harvie the Humberside Police’s Community Engagement Officer for more information on this opportunity (01482 220723
What age can I become a Community Safety Volunteer for Humberside Police?
A volunteer must be 16 and left secondary education, however there is no upper age limit to becoming a Community Safety Volunteer.
Who can join the Neighbourhood Network?
Any group of people with an interest in community safety can join the Neighbourhood Network. Your group can be informal or it can be formally constituted.
How many members does a group need to have?
The smallest Neighbourhood Network group registered currently has 5 members and the largest group has over 17,000 members.
Do I have to be from Hull to join the Neighbourhood Network?
Not anymore, however the majority of groups registered are in situated in Hull. We do have some groups who reside in the East Riding of Yorkshire and we are hoping to support more along the boundaries of the East Riding.
How do I join the Neighbourhood Network?
Registration is simple, just fill out the registration form and email/send back to us. As soon as we add you to the database you can take advantage of the membership support, including receiving the weekly newsletter.
Why should I join the Neighbourhood Network?
By joining the Neighbourhood Network you become part of a unique network of members with a community safety focus. Membership also includes access to a weekly newsletter, training, funding opportunities, networking opportunities and lots more.
Do I have to run a specific Neighbourhood Watch Group to be a member of the Neighbourhood Network?
No, our members are from all different types of groups, but all have a community safety element. Group types include Resident Associations, Business Watches, Churches, Schools, Allotment Groups, Charities and many more.
How much does it cost to be a member?
Nothing, membership to the Neighbourhood Network is free.
How much of my time will it take to run a group?
All groups are different but a Residents Group or Neighbourhood Watch Group can take as much or as little time as you want to put in it.
Can the Neighbourhood Network help my Neighbourhood Watch Group obtain signs and stickers for my street?
Yes the Neighbourhood Network can help with the supply Neighbourhood Watch Signs and stickers, along with other useful crime prevention booklets.
If I set up a group, do I have to have regular meetings?
No, you don’t have to have meetings you can communicate with members through other ways.
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