Calling all Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators

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15th June 2018
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19th June 2018

Calling all Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators

As you may have seen over the last few weeks the Neighbourhood Network has been promoting a development seminar being brought to the region by the National Neighbourhood Network.

Neighbourhood Watch Development Seminar

Wednesday 27th June 2018

9.30am – 4.00pm

Mercure Royal, Hull,

There are still places available if you would like to attend the seminar, please email me or call her at the National Office on 0116 402 6111.

Travel expenses may be paid – please ask Sian for details on re-imbursement

Key aims for the event:

  1. Shaping Neighbourhood Watch into the future

The Seminars will be the chance for NHW members to feed into and help develop NW’s Strategy for the future. Half of each Seminar will focus on the strategy development work that has been initiated with NW local leads, the staff team, the board and partners. Attendees will discuss and input into the strategy to develop and modernise the organisation over the next three years.

The importance of involving local leads and members in the strategy development is paramount and members of the Board of Trustees will be attending each seminar to present and facilitate the strategy discussion and to meet NW members. The Board know how vital it is to liaise and consult with local NW members and is committed to doing this to build a strong strategy with shared commitment from all stakeholders.

This will be a great opportunity to meet members of the Board, the staff team and to network with each other to see what has been happening in other areas and to have your voice in the future of Neighbourhood Watch.

      2. Launching Crime and Vulnerability Toolkits / Training for Champions

Crime in England and Wales is changing and we’re providing new practical information and help for our members to support the police in the detection and reduction of these crimes. Our network of 2.3 million-member households is a force to be reckoned with. So, we’re finding more practical ways we can empower our members to look at some of the crimes that cause such significant harm to victims and communities. A simple example of this would be that if you regularly see different people going into a nearby house or minibuses turning up this may be a sign of Human Trafficking or if you are aware of an elderly neighbor regularly getting people knocking on their door they may well be being targeted for scams.

Anyone – member, coordinator or Association lead – with an interest in gaining information, additional knowledge and the chance to share this within their area with other members and coordinators will be the perfect participants for the toolkits and seminars.

The toolkits provide information on and cover the following areas:

  • Domestic Abuse – which as we know affects all communities
  • Serious Violence – particularly knife crime
  • Vulnerability and loneliness – affecting more people as families become more mobile
  • Fraud and scams – electronic and traditional
  • High harm crimes – Modern Slavery, Child Sexual Exploitation etc.


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