New crime prevention equipment at Neighbourhood Network

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22nd November 2018
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23rd November 2018

New crime prevention equipment at Neighbourhood Network

We are really pleased to inform you that we are now stocking some new crime prevention equipment here at the Neighbourhood Network shop.

Take a look at the fantastic new items that have recently been added to help make your property more secure.

You can order these items and more online here

Lightswitch Timer – £30.00

  • Installs in 1 minute and requires no wiring – Simply fits over your existing Light Switch
  • Works with any standard single double or triple gang light switches – Cannot be used with flat profile, flush or larger brass switch plates
  • A Police approved timer for your lights – Secured By Design
  • Unlike timer plugs the Light Switch Timer works with any type of bulb including all energy saving bulbs, CFLS and LEDs
  • 7 day digital timer, with up to 9 programs per day – three modes – random, pre-programmed and manual


Dummy CCTV Camera – £10.00

  • Imitation IR LEDs and one flashing LED
  • Fake camera can be used Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Camera dimentions:160*80*74mm L*W*H
  • Power source:1.5V AA size batteries (not included)
  • Battery compartment is under removable rain shield.


TV Simulator – £12.50

  • The Simulated TV is designed to light up a room just like a real TV, giving the impression to would-be thieves that you are at home watching TV. 
  • Opportunist thieves will target homes which look like an easy picking, especially those which look empty the evening. People often leave their TV’s or lights on while they’re out at night to put off potential burglars, however, this wastes energy and can cause units to overheat if left too long. 
  • The Simulated TV is a great alternative as it uses less energy than a standard lamp and has timer settings for added effect. Beaming random coloured LED lights around the room, the Simulated TV will deter burglars from targeting your property. 


CCTV Signage Pack – £3.00

This pack contains x1 A5 PVC Sign and x2 300mm x 100mm landscape window stickers to help deter any potential intruder or theft of property. 

  • PVC CCTV in Operation sign
  • Universal symbol and colour scheme
  • Instantly recognisable
  • Designed to discourage and deter criminal activity
  • Durable PVC suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Helps to fulfil legal obligations to inform employees, visitors and the general public of potential hazards as per Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996
  • Conforms to EN ISO 7010:2012 – Warning signs feature a triangular symbol with a black pictogram and yellow background occupying at least 50% of the total sign area
  • Landscape Orientation. Sign reads “CCTV In Operation”
  • Highly durable Window Sticker material and screen printed message will stand the test of time

High Security Key Safe – £15.00

  • Keep all your spare keys safe and secure with this wall mountable key storage.
  • You can safely leave keys for children to get in after school or for an elderly family member you need to visit on a regular basis, or even just storing keys safely just in case you lose them on your travels.
  • Enables the safe storage of house keys or even cash.