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17th June 2013
2015 Featured Image
25th September 2015


2014 Featured Image

April 2014 saw the Neighbourhood Network Co-ordinator promoted to manager and the third staff member returning to Citysafe under a re-structure. The manager was successful in a bid to the Rank Organisation and employed a project officer to the Neighbourhood Network.

June 2014 saw two new ventures in relation to a spike in allotment crime, with the supply of 300 shed alarms donated by Humberside Police and the securing of 2 cameras for National Avenue allotments due to a successful funding bid to the PCC and ward councillors. July 2014 saw the Neighbourhood Network secure funding from the Rank Organisation to complete a project looking at restorative justice and how this practice could be used to solve low level community disputes. August 2014 saw a successful funding bid to the Community Partnership to secure funding for the staff salaries for the next year. A Neighbourhood Network website was launched in September 2014 at no cost to the charity. This month also saw the second Neighbourhood Network awards held at Holy Trinity Church.

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