Neighbourhood Watch: Our News Special Edition Enewsletter Published

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3rd April 2020
Need help to bring your community closer together through good food?
6th April 2020

Neighbourhood Watch: Our News Special Edition Enewsletter Published

Please find below the latest news from the National Neighbourhood Watch Network. Take a look at their recent newsletter to see how Neighbourhood Watch can play a vital role amongst the current situation.

We continue to think about you all at this difficult time. In response we hope you have been able to connect with your neighbours to support each other through this crisis. 

At Neighbourhood Watch we have seen a 25% increase in membership. We have published a special edition of ‘Our News’ (the e-newsletter for Neighbourhood Watch supporters) to welcome our new members, look at how Neighbourhood Watch brings communities together, ways existing groups are supporting their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic and more things you can do such as establishing a phone tree, and how to avoid and report crimes and scams.

Read the e-newsletter by following this link or viewing it on our website.

Keep safe, stay at home.


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