Nominations are open for the Neighbourhood Watch’s ‘Neighbour of the Year’ 2018 Awards

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24th August 2018
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29th August 2018

Nominations are open for the Neighbourhood Watch’s ‘Neighbour of the Year’ 2018 Awards

Neighbourhood Watch and their sponsor Co-op Insurance are working together on this exciting award and you can nominate your neighbours today!

We would love people to nominate the most deserving individuals across the country and there is also an opportunity to put forward your ‘Hero Next Door’ for a true act of heroism. We’re talking about the local heroes in your street and community whose acts of kindness and neighbourliness really set them apart.

David Huse, OBE, Chair of the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN), says: “Everyone should feel safe in their community and having strong, welcoming and active neighbours who look out for each other means anti-social behaviour and crime are less likely to happen. Getting to know your neighbours has huge benefits for everyone – and with this award we want to recognise the people who are making such a vital contribution to community life and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.”

Co-op’s members were recently asked to determine what makes a good neighbour in today’s society and the following four themes were revealed:

The research found the traits of a good neighbour include:
– Good neighbours look out for each other, for example keeping an eye on the house
– Good neighbours are sociable and friendly – happy for a chat or a party invitation
– They’re practically helpful – from taking in parcels to offering help with the plumbing
– They’re kind, caring and respectful – more specifically thinking about the impact they have on neighbours

If you’ve got someone who ticks all these boxes and more, tell Co-op all about them and how they go above and beyond. And if there’s someone you know whose one-off act of heroism deserves special recognition, we’d love to hear about that too.

You don’t need to be a Neighbourhood Watch member to nominate and the person you nominate doesn’t need to be a member either.

Please visit  for more information and to submit your nomination.