A request of solidarity from our member group Boulevard Neighbourhood Watch…..

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11th January 2019
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15th January 2019

A request of solidarity from our member group Boulevard Neighbourhood Watch…..

Have ever had a problem with street drinking in your area of the city?   

Please read the following article and if you can offer any help or support to the group please get in touch on the number below.

Hull Daily Mail of the 2nd of January https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/alcohol-seized-off-street-drinkers-2376634 

The council intends to open a consultation regarding continuing the alcohol ban in problem areas which expires in March this year.

Along with many others, our area Boulevard HU3 has a problem with street drinkers littering and causing problems, they monopolise the outdoor seating intended for residents, despoil the green areas and intimidate passersby.

The beautiful Boulevard fountain green areas is a meeting point day & night for drunks who litter the bushes with cans & bottles the noise disturbing the sleep of locals.

Our organisation picks litter on a weekly basis and collect a massive about of cans and bottles, from the street, bushes and thrown into gardens, we speak to many residents, all feeling the law needs to be strengthened.

Fining drinkers if they do not hand over liquor is a weak deterrent, in our area only one fine in 15 months & only 13 alcohol confiscations.

If they are serious about the problem could not the Hull City council introduce a bylaw making it illegal to drink from, or possess open alcohol containers within the alcohol free zone, with the £100 fine applying to possession?

If your area has a problem with street drinkers and the ensuing litter and anti- social behaviour please contact the boulevard Neighbourhood Watch Tel: 07932 833545 / email:- nwboulevard@gmx.co.uk

If we have a joint voice perhaps we can meet with the council and influence them into strengthening the legislation.