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24th August 2017
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24th August 2017

Bring Joy Foundation Fund

The Bring Joy Foundation will make donations to not-for-profit groups, organisations and charities that can demonstrate their commitment to creating activities designed to improve the lives of the elderly.

What we fund

Events, activities or pastimes that bring the joy and fun back into ageing. This is open to groups or organisations across the UK that work with the elderly.

You must also be able to prove that you are a not-for-profit organisation.

What we don’t fund

Sorry, but we are unable to fund the following:

  • Private foundations or organisations that distribute money to recipients of their own choosing
  • For-profit companies
  • Individuals
  • Organisations that promote discrimination of any kind
  • Lobbying / political activity
  • We do not generally support capital campaigns, general operations, endowment funds, major construction projects, and vehicle purchasing or event sponsorships.

What you need to do to apply

Letters of Enquiry

You need to send us a Letter of Enquiry which must be submitted by post. We will send an email confirmation to acknowledge receipt of your Letter of Enquiry. Letters of Enquiry require approval by the Bring Joy Foundation Trustees. Please review the Letter of Enquiry Guidelines and the information on our procedures below.

Donation amounts

The Bring Joy Foundation will make donations in amounts ranging from £100 to £5,000. Donation requests of more than £5,000 will be considered in special circumstances.

Letter of Enquiry Guidelines and message board photo

The Bring Joy Foundation will accept one Letter of Enquiry (LoE) per organisation. Applicants are required to include/answer all the requested criteria in order to be considered.

A message board photo: The charity is all about bringing joy to the lives of people who are older. We want to be able to see straightaway what your application is all about. Please write a few words on a large piece of paper that sum up what you’re application is all about and take a photo to send to us.


Here’s the message board photo that inspired the charity’s first donation, a VIP day trip to the seaside for Harry Horrocks and 95 friends from the Grafton Centre. You can read the full story here.

As well as the message board photo the Letter of Enquiry must include the following required criteria, organised by subheadings.

  • Name, address and phone number of the organisation.
  • How did you find out about the Bring Joy Foundation.
  • Project(s)/activity contact person, email address and title.
  • Brief history of organisation, date founded and mission statement.
  • Proof of non-profit organisation.
  • Description of project(s)/activity planned.
  • Expected date of project(s)/activity planned.
  • Project(s)/activity objectives.
  • Project(s)/activity expected outcome.
  • Number of elderly to be served by the project(s)/activity.
  • Amount of funding requested and specific uses of the donation funds in the project(s)/activity.
  • State the amount of financial support available from other sources.
  • Relevance of the project(s)/activity to the ethos of the Bring Joy Foundation.
  • Uniqueness of the project(s)/activity: explain the difference between this project(s)/activity and others which may address the same problem.
  • Method(s) used to implement project/activity.
  • Project(s)/activity schedule.
  • Criteria to evaluate outcome and means used to disseminate results.
  • Plans to sustain project(s)/activity after grant funds expire.
  • Qualifications of the principal investigator (for research grants)/key contact responsible for project(s) oversight at organisation.

If you have any questions about the Bring Joy Foundation’s donation requirements you can write to us at:
The Home Instead Senior Care Bring Joy Foundation. Unit 2, Walnut Tree Business Centre, Walnut Tree Farm, Northwich Road, Lower Stretton, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4PG

Or contact the Bring Joy team on 01925 730273 or email at

NOTICE: The information you provide in your grant application and its related attachments may be disclosed to third parties. The Home Instead Senior Care Bring Joy Foundation may also contact third parties for the purpose of obtaining additional information and/or references in connection with the evaluation of your application.

Letter of Enquiry Review Process

You will receive a response from the Foundation either by email or letter acknowledging receipt of your Letter of Enquiry.

The Bring Joy Foundation will review each Letter of Enquiry submitted.

Consideration may be given to Letters of Enquiry for shortened review and approval processes if there is a time critical aspect involved. Consideration may also be given to Letters of Enquiry at the discretion of the Trustees.

Letters of Enquiry will be reviewed by the Bring Joy Foundation’s Trustees and a funding decision will be made.

If the Trustees need more information prior to making its funding decision, the Foundation Office will contact the applicant to develop additional information or to arrange a meeting.

Each organisation will receive a written response advising of the Trustees’ decision no later than one month after the review has been conducted. We are sorry, but the decision to accept or decline a Letter of Enquiry is final. The Foundation does not disclose the determinations made by the Trustees.

Donation Terms

Each approved donation applicant will receive a Letter of Agreement, which an authorised officer of the organisation must sign in order to activate the donation. This Letter will outline the responsibilities of the donation relationship and reporting requirements, which will include, but may not be limited to, periodic progress reports and a final summary report. Completion of donation reporting is a requirement, if an organisation would like to apply for a further donation in the following year’s funding cycle.

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