Friends of the Elderly

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4th July 2018
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4th July 2018

Friends of the Elderly

Friends of the Elderly aims to alleviate the worry and stress that living on a low income can cause. This small grant service provides one-off grants and regular allowances to those who have reached state retirement age and are struggling to cope on a low income.

The grant allowance has been increased to £300 per applicant.

They aim to make a difference through three grant streams:

  • Home essentials: grants are for older people whose lives will be made easier through the provision of new home furnishings, kitchen appliances, mobility adaptations or home repairs.
  • Digital connection: grants are there to help older people get online and stay connected with their family, friends and community. It covers equipment and broadband costs.
  • Financial support: grants are for older people affected by poverty or financial hardship and can be used towards utility bills, funeral costs, moving fees and other unexpected costs.

They have made it easier for applicants to evidence they are on a low income by simply requesting a copy of their DWP letter informing them of their Guaranteed Pension Credit.

They may be able to consider applications from those on a low income but who are not in receipt of Guaranteed Pension Credit. Please call 0330 332 1110 to discuss exceptional applications.

You can find out more details of how to apply on their website

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