Get Involved: Bite the Biscuit Neighbourhood Market

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8th November 2018
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9th November 2018

Get Involved: Bite the Biscuit Neighbourhood Market

Bite the Biscuit Neighbourhood Market is a market, a community art project, a cultural event and an experiment.

It will take place weekly for 5 weeks (plus a special inauguration) at the former St. Matthew’s Church on Boulevard and Anlaby Rd. by the flyover. This landmark building has recently been acquired by an organization called Giroscope, working locally in the Boulevard area. Giroscope’s plan is to give the building a new use that will be beneficial for the local community, at the same time respecting its historical importance to the people of the neighbourhood. The market will be the first activity to take place in the building.

Every Thursday, for 5 weeks, starting on the 15th of November (plus a special inauguration event on Sunday the 11th) Bite the Biscuit Neighbourhood Market will present a market with local products and services, a family space for families with small children, a local post office for sending letters around the neighbourhood, a little library (in collaboration with Western Library), a space for exercise (in collaboration with the Fitness Room), a green space and a live radio show. It’s like an ephemeral city that appears once a week for a few hours and then disappears. There will also be interesting workshops. On the 11th from 3pm to 5pm artist Liz Dorton will show us how to make cityscapes out of recycled materials; It will be like the set design for our pop-up city.

This weekly event is a pilot, with the intention of continuing the market as an on-going feature of the new space. It is an initiative of Boulevard area neighbours in collaboration with Giroscope. This experiment continues the work done as part of Bite the Biscuit Boulevard Radio, a weekly ‘radio/teahouse’ the aim of which is to bring neighbours together in relaxed conversation.

Bite the Biscuit Boulevard Radio:

The radio used to broadcast live on the Internet every week from the Boulevard Village Hall, when it still existed. Now it appears in different spaces such as the Western Library, Child Dynamix nursery, the Boulevard Corner Café, the Giroscope offices and the Giroscape garden. Bite the Biscuit is a radio/teahouse meaning that its just about having a cuppa and a snack as it is about broadcasting music and interviews live. The shows are highly improvised. Everyone is invited to come and hang out, talk on the radio and requests songs. We are always happy to have people come, tell us about things they are doing and thinking, play music, read poetry, make comments (even controversial ones;—). The radio aims to be a tool for local economies and local self-organisation.

Bite the Biscuit Neighbourhood Market is supported by Art Council of England and by the Hull City Council Arts Unit. Bite the Biscuit Neighbourhood Market dates:

Sunday November 11th from 3pm to 7:30

Thursday November 15th from 10am to 5pm

Thursday November 22nd from 10am to 5pm

Thursday November 29th from 10am to 5pm

Thursday December 6th  from 10am to 5pm

Thursday December 13th  from 10am to 5pm

At the former St. Matthew’s Church on Boulevard by the fly-over

For more info: Tel: 07732295838, email:, Facebook: bitethebiscuitneighbourhoodmarket Twitter:@bite_market, Instagram: bite_the_biscuit_n_market


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