Get Involved with Freegle

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18th May 2018
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22nd May 2018

Get Involved with Freegle

One of our lovely Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators John has asked if we could share details of one of his projects, Freegle:

The main aim of Freegle is to keep things out of landfill. John is a group owner for Freegle & moderator on eight groups from Whitby to mid Linc’s, Sheffield, across to South Cumbria. There are 430 groups nationally & 2.6 million members & its growing daily.  Hull has 8500 members,

Have a look at the national website and the Hull site is: It can be accessed on PC, Laptop, Tablet, smart phone (we have an Android & Apple App’s), You can also use Facebook, Twitter.

FREE Giving LEgle = FREEGLE Everything must be freely given & legal also appropriate, as we often hear from parents whose children have seen things so the parent can ask for them. & politeness gets things much easier than blunt I’ll have it! We have two basic ways to do things first is to OFFER any items working or not as the receiver may want some parts from it or WANTED.

Below is a poster, it prints on A4 to forward to the groups with tear off strips on the bottom. If you feel it would be of interest to the groups.

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