Home Office – North Hull Serious & Organised Crime funding application 2020

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16th October 2020
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19th October 2020

Home Office – North Hull Serious & Organised Crime funding application 2020

North Hull, namely the Orchard Park and Bransholme areas have been selected as a pilot site of a national Home Office project to tackle the community impacts of Serious & Organised Crime (SOC).

The pilot would like to welcome applications to support local interventions to tackle the threat posed by organised crime groups.

They are seeking passionate individuals, groups, charities and businesses to join the response to make North Hull safer and create a more hostile environment for organised criminals to operate.

The pilot is intended to jointly offer financial support to interventions created to tackle the threat, but also to bring groups together to work in synergy creating a ‘Whole Systems Approach’.

Funding bids up to a maximum of £10,000 are available but a limit an upper limit of up to £5000 are particularly welcomed.

The deadline for bids to be returned is Friday 23rd October 2020 1200hrs.

Please return completed funding bids to Steven.Peck@humberside.pnn.police.uk

The end date for the Home Office pilot is 31st March 2021. No funding obtained exclusively through this stream can be utilised beyond 31st March 2021.

A copy of the national SOC strategy can be found here:


In order to assist applicants please consider the following points:

  1. Please look at the UK SOC strategy to identify where your intervention fits in and make specific reference to key points where you can.
  2. See the threat as a timeline, point ‘0’ being when the individual starts to offend. At what point does your intervention plan to make a difference?
  1. Is your intervention education, incentivised engagement with services or diversionary i.e. an employability program?
  2. Gaps locally appear to be:

·         Support for 14-18yr olds who are likely to be on a pathway towards criminality.

·         Innovation, something not necessarily delivered in North Hull previously.

·         An initiative to mobilise and engage the wider community of North Hull.

·         Targeting the whole family to positively change the culture within households.

Application tips:

  • Evidence where you can how your intervention can impact on the SOC agenda.
  • Evidence how you already are or can work with other agencies to maximise the impact of your intervention.
  • What is the legacy beyond this pilot funding? How will you sustain your activity beyond March 2021? What are your plans for growth and continuation?
  • Unsuccessful applications for similar pilot programs have seen the upper cost limit as a target, not a necessity. The applications will be scrutinised for cost v likely effectiveness.
  • Think about your objectives and how you will track, monitor and evidence your success.

The collation of applications will be on the 23rd October and exploration of further details with applicants will take place w/c 26th October.

Please return completed funding applications to Steven.Peck@humberside.pnn.police.uk

Application Form for the funding is below.

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