Hull: Allotment groups beware!

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26th September 2018
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26th September 2018

Hull: Allotment groups beware!

The Neighbourhood Network have been made aware of a large number of Allotment thefts across the Hull area.   

Newland Allotments have reported thefts from over 20 plots, this includes tools and produce being stolen with damage to crops also taking place.  Also in the last week National Avenue Allotments have also report thefts.  We are currently supporting allotments with the free loan of our CCTV camera in the hope of catching intelligence however, we do have a waiting list for this now but if your allotment would like to loan this camera, please let us know and we can make sure you have the opportunity of using this when it becomes available. 

We would like to remind all Allotment owners to be vigilant and have listed some helpful crime prevention advice below.

  • Sheds should be kept in a good condition and be located in a visible position.
  •  Use high quality locks, doors and hinges and ideally block off all windows.
  • Visibly mark property and record the serial numbers for free on
  • Regularly check all fencing to make sure it’s in good condition.  Ideally your fence should be 2m high and form a solid barrier with no gaps.
  • Check there are no bins, composters, trees or bushes that can be used for climbing over the fence, and consider planting thorny bushes inside the fence to deter entry.
  • A well-lit allotment is much less attractive to thieves, especially if it is overlooked by footpaths or buildings.
  • If you have an alarm, make sure there is a procedure in place to respond quickly, both to interrupt any crime and to avoid unnecessarily disturbing any local residents.

If you have been a victim of crime such as theft or damage it is important to report any criminal activity to the police as they are then made aware and can follow up accordingly.