Hull: Crime prevention advice – Help protect yourselves from robbery and thefts

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23rd January 2018
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23rd January 2018

Hull: Crime prevention advice – Help protect yourselves from robbery and thefts


Humberside are offering advice to residents to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim of robbery and theft in and around the Hull area.

Detective Inspector Richard Sage from Hull Community Investigation Team said:

“With the New Year well underway, lots of us are using and enjoying new purchases and gifts bought for us.

“To protect yourselves from those items potentially being taken from you by criminals, we want to offer some advice and raise awareness of any potential risks and what you can do.

“For example, do not have mobile phones, valuables or cash on show. If possible keep pockets and bags zipped. Stick to the main, well-lit routes and roads and if you’re out late try to be accompanied by another person.

“If taking cash out of an ATM try to do this in company. If this is not possible check to see who is around when you approach the machine and keep an eye out when using it. On these occasions, try to avoid machines that are isolated and if possible take out small amounts of cash. Do not walk around with large amounts of cash in your possession. 

“We are aware of reports from some delivery drivers who have had items stolen from their vehicles, and on occasion, have had their vehicles stolen.

“Do not leave the engine running when out of the vehicle, and lock the door when away from the vehicle. When arriving at and address scan the area to see if there is anything you are unsure of, such as people hanging around outside or close to where you’re delivering to. 

“Robberies and thefts can be traumatic for anyone, and it can be extremely inconvenient when trying to replace or reclaim personal property. Belongings can be registered on the police approved UK national property register

“The advice is not exhaustive. I would like to draw your attention to further information which is available on our website. Just follow this link

“Our officers are working hard to proactively reduce the chances of people becoming a victim. We want members of the public to report anything to us on 101 or, in an emergency, to call 999.

“Don’t be afraid, be aware of your surroundings, and try and avoid putting yourself in a position where you could be at risk.” 

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