Hull: How police are reducing motorbike crime

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6th April 2018
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10th April 2018

Hull: How police are reducing motorbike crime

Operation Yellowfin revs up – Message from Humberside Police:

Over the past few months we’ve been working closely with the motorcycle community in Hull to help reduce thefts of motorbikes and associated crimes.

Op Yellowfin is a positive action campaign which brings together our partners, supporting organisations and the public so we can collect and share information quickly to catch and deter those individuals involved in motorbike crime.

We want anyone who passes on information about the theft of motorcycles and stolen bikes, or who report crimes involving any sort of motorbike (including mopeds and scooters) to quote ‘Yellowfin’ to our call takers and officers. That way we’re able to tie together all motorbike-related crime with the valuable information and intelligence needed to deal with it effectively.

Our officers will support and offer advice to victims of motorcycle crimes who can be left distressed, out-of-pocket, inconvenienced, and without a means of transport.

There’s a crime prevention element to the operation as well. Some motorcycles are very valuable costing thousands of pounds, and there are countless security options available on the market to protect your bike.

These range from quality disc locks and hardened chains to ground anchors and go all the way up to fully alarmed storage units.

Some retailers in the city are taking part in the initiative and offering discount on security products whilst giving expert advice on how to keep your investments safe. Again just ask your local shop if they’re taking part and quote ‘Yellowfin’ to see if they’re offering any savings.

You can use our 101 service to report any information to us, or if you want to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They are a totally independent charity who are not interested in your name or details, just what you know.

Chief Inspector Paul Butler who is in charge of the operation said: “I would like to thank the motorbike community and associated businesses for participating in Operation Yellowfin. As a result of this engagement we’re really gathering momentum in our drive to cut motorbike crime.

“Op Yellowfin is about everyone pulling together under one umbrella to build confidence, intelligence and to help catch those causing issues within our communities. This includes those who‘re involved in theft or handling of stolen bikes, or those who just want to cause a nuisance.

“There are a number of elements within Op Yellowfin including a large ‘ride out’ in Hull on Sunday April 15th involving the motorbike community who want to send the message out that enough is enough. 

“This event will be an opportunity for us to gather information and intelligence and to discuss what’s really happening in our city regarding motorbike or moped theft, while giving out safety and security advice.

“This ride will mark the end of a week of messaging and action, starting from today, which will be the springboard for all of our future activities so we can serve our communities to make them safer and stronger.”


Here are a few simple tips on how to keep your bike more secure: 

  • Always lock your bike with its fork and ignition locks.
  • Invest in a secondary quality disc and chain locks.
  • Secure your bike to a rail, anchor point or anything solid.
  • Where there are no anchor points lock bikes together with your friends.
  • Fit a quality approved alarm and tracking system.
  • Invest in an insurance-approved ID and marking system (eg. micro dot, DNA marking, acid etching…)
  • Park and lock your bike in well lit, busy locations. Try not to leave it in a remote area especially overnight.
  • Cover your bike. It can hide its value and your security kit as well as protect it from the weather.


We’ll make you aware of any related incidents in your local area via our My Community Alert service. If you haven’t signed up yet you can do so here

Also, keep following us on social media @Humberbeat or #Opyellowfin

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