Hull: New cell cars introduced to Humberside Police

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28th June 2018
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28th June 2018

Hull: New cell cars introduced to Humberside Police

Two new police cars fitted with a built-in cell are being brought into Force.

The two specially modified Peugeot estate cars have room for one prisoner in a secure cell.  The cell is an easily cleanable compartment which is a safe environment for a detainee and will provide safe transportation and help keep our officers safe.

One car will be placed on the north bank of the river and the other on the south bank.  They will be used by officers for a six-month period to test the use of the cars and to find out if any further modifications are needed before more are brought into the fleet of vehicles.

Community Chief Inspector Matty Wright said, “Our fleet is changing to reflect the changing demands of our vehicles and transportation of detainees.  These vehicles will enable officers, especially out in our rural communities, to transport detainees in a safe way both for the detainee and the officer.

“These modified cars will mean that officers don’t have to call on the larger prisoner transportation vehicles to bring people into custody and are a good vehicle to bridge the gap between our traditional squad cars and the prisoner transportation vans.”

“I am hoping that the officers will give as much feedback on the use of the cars in the next six months so that we can make any necessary changes before ordering more in the future.”

The two cars are receiving final modifications before being rolled out and should be ready for use in late July.

watch this video showing what the new cell cars look like:


Key facts


  • Cost of a new standard police car around £16k
  • Cost of two ex-demo modified police cars £20k
  • Modified by Peugeot with additional modifications by our own mechanics
  • Other forces use similar vehicles
  • We are the first in our area to use this type of vehicle
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