Hull: Pharmacy and Medicines Management survey

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12th October 2018
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12th October 2018

Hull: Pharmacy and Medicines Management survey

There has been an increased coverage nationally of prescribing levels, both in the amount and type of medication prescribed and the financial cost.

This questionnaire aims to better understand patient experience in Hull in relation to prescribing (both long and short term) of medicines and medicine management. 

This questionnaire is aimed at people who regularly access pharmacy services within Hull. This includes:

  • People with a long term health condition who take regular medication
  • Relatives and carers who deal with medication or equipment requests
  • People who have equipment prescribed to assist with their condition
  • People who require medication on standby to prevent deterioration of their long term condition 

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Healthwatch team
Telephone: 01482 499038, Email:

You can take part in the survey here