Hull pop-up gallery launches talks on “Reflections”

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2nd November 2017
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2nd November 2017

Hull pop-up gallery launches talks on “Reflections”

Hull’s newest art gallery opened with rousing song as touring choristers celebrated the debut of a national art collection in the city.

The Battered and Berthed exhibition, organised by the city’s Believe in Hull church partnership, displays some 28 pieces of the Methodist Modern Art Collection, which shows biblical scenes from the perspective of a wide range of national and international artists.  The pop-up gallery, which will also be a performance space, is based in a shop unit on the second floor of Princes Quay. It will be open until New Year’s Eve.

Battered and Berthed, which is the theme adopted by Believe in Hull to link in with the city’s maritime heritage, invites visitors to see the art from the perspective of being battered by the elements at sea, and finding a home in a safe place – berthed.

A programme of special “reflections” events will start on Sunday 5th November at 6.30pm when a different church leader each week will talk about a specific painting. From Thursday 16th November, there will be an “arts house” evening each week to coincide with late-night shopping, featuring a programme of recitals, story-telling and puppetry activities. 

The first session will feature Mel Meesam, a social worker and member of St Cuthbert’s Church, Marlborough Avenue, who is training for ordination in the Church of England. Her talk is called, “The elements of the holy communication”, exploring the ideas of brokenness and healing through the painting, Elements of the Eucharist.

Mel says: “I also live with a disability and am interested in reflecting and developing a greater theological understanding of disability and healing.”

On future Sundays, the programme will feature:

12th November – Sam Donaldson, a Quaker, community worker and poet, on “The healing of the lunatic boy”, talking about mental health and spirituality;

19th November – Anne Richards,  an ordained vicar and chaplain at Archbishop Sentamu Academy,  looks at “Storm over the lake” and “Christ writes in the dust” – the woman caught in adultery;

26th November – Exhibition host Fiona Smith on “Rest on the flight into Egypt” – a beautiful waste, rest as an act of healing and defiance;

Sunday 3rd December – Rev Iain Ballard of Willerby Methodist Church, focusing on the painting by Roy de Maistre called The Supper at Emmaus. The title for his reflections is  “Jesus invites himself to dinner”.

Sunday 10th December – Methodist Circuit Superintendent David Perry on the Dalit Madonna;

Sunday 17th December – Reflections on being Battered and Berthed by Create @ Selby Street Church.

A programme of arts house events will be launched to coincide with late-night shopping from Thursday 16th November, featuring a mix of storytelling, acoustic music, puppetry and seasonal sounds.

The Battered and Berthed gallery is open to the public from Thursday to Saturday, 10am-5pm, and Sunday 1.30pm-5pm. Schools, church and community groups are invited to visit from Monday to Wednesday. Contact for details of this and to volunteer to staff the gallery.

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