Hull students given ‘Burglary’ challenge to highlight risk of break-ins

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20th September 2017
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20th September 2017

Hull students given ‘Burglary’ challenge to highlight risk of break-ins

Students at the University of Hull will be allowed to be ‘burglars’ for the next couple of days as Humberside Police give serious messages out about leaving homes unlocked.

As part of our continuing programme of delivering safety and security messages to new and returning students, Humberside Police will be giving them the opportunity to see just how easy and quick it is to burgle a house.

A mock-up bedroom is being set up containing a number of items on display and hidden away. Students are given ten seconds to find as many as they can with small prizes to win for the most items collected.

Home security is a serious problem as students are one of the main targets for criminals. 55% of student burglaries are via an unsecured door or window. Burglars can be in and out of a property within seconds, stealing valuable personal items which are often left in full view.

The University’s Community beat bobby PC Carl Palmer said: “Home security is often way down the list of priorities in a student’s busy life. Doors and windows are regularly left unlocked giving easy access for unscrupulous criminals to exploit.

“These mistakes provide easy opportunities and rich pickings for burglars who can make off with thousands of pounds of equipment and belongings in no time.

“Even though this activity is a bit of fun, it has a very serious message behind it. Be vigilant, be security conscious, and make sure your house is secured. Lock it, or lose it.”

Police patrols on the streets will be also looking out for insecurities in student properties.   Newland Avenue and Beverley Road are popular student areas and they will be helping to prevent break-ins by highlighting issues and giving out security advice.

They will also work with private landlords and businesses to raise awareness of the problems. Posters are being distributed as reminders and as deterrents to would-be burglars.

Follow us on Twitter @Humberbeat for more information. The University of Hull and Union are providing advice as well on @UniOfHull and @Hullstudent.

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