Hull: Three year long Criminal Behaviour Order for Hull beggar

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10th January 2020
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14th January 2020

Hull: Three year long Criminal Behaviour Order for Hull beggar

A 44-year-old man described as a ‘prolific beggar’ has been handed a three year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which prevents him from behaving antisocially in certain parts of Hull city centre.

Jason Nolan from St Peter Street has been given the CBO because of his continuing behaviour which has elicited numerous complaints from members of the public. 

The CBO started on Tuesday 7 January 2020. While it is in force Jason Nolan must comply with the following:

1. He must not remain in and or on any premises when requested to leave by the owner or their lawful agent (that is to say when requested to leave, must do so immediately)

2. Enter Jameson Street and King Edward Street in Hull as per the below map.

Hull Central Community Beat Manager PC Sarah Haldenby said: “Jason Nolan has been given a number of opportunities to improve his life and change it for the better. He’s been offered drug support and hostel accommodation but hasn’t taken them. 

“He hasn’t heeded any warnings about his behaviour and has ignored section 35 dispersal orders.

“Jason Nolan is a prolific beggar who has repeatedly acted antisocially in Hull city centre towards members of the public and workers. He has failed to engage and take up any help despite being given a number of chances. 

“There are now restrictions in place which will prevent him from going into certain parts of the centre and repeating his behaviour for the next three years. 

“This measure has been taken because of concerns and complaints from the public which we listened to.”

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