Hull: Warning message about recent scams

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24th May 2018
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25th May 2018

Hull: Warning message about recent scams

Don’t be tricked into withdrawing or transferring cash

A 75 year-old woman from Hull was defrauded of £8000 on 22nd May 2018 – please help prevent this happening again.

Scammers continue to target the elderly and vulnerable by using different ways to try and con victims out of money.

In the most recent case the woman was called over the phone and told that she needed to transfer £8000 as she had been a victim of theft from her account.  The fraudsters said that in order to resolve the problem they needed the money to be moved from her account to another one that they could arrange for her to be repaid.

The unsuspecting victim was told to go into her bank and transfer the money, which sadly she did and now has lost £8000 of savings.

If you think anyone you know is being scammed or targeted in this way please call 101.


  • If you get a call from someone you don’t know – don’t feel like you are being rude just hang up.
  • Don’t give anyone your bank details, even if they say they are from your bank or the police.
  • If you are unsure of what someone is asking you, tell them that you have someone with you and you will ask them for advice and call them back.  When you come off the phone ask your family, a neighbour or call Action Fraud or the police on 101.

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