Humberside Police update: Wanted People

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19th December 2017
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19th December 2017

Humberside Police update: Wanted People

Humberside Police

Over the past fortnight officers and staff have been taking part in a high profile and directed initiative to find and arrest individuals they want in connection with numerous crimes from across the Force area.

Humberside Police have given those people the opportunity to make contact and give themselves up first before they are found. Police have been engaging with members of the public and encouraging them to assist by giving information about these individuals’ whereabouts.

The continued and sustained hard work of officers and staff has resulted in 71 arrests in total during this initial pre-Christmas push to find those people and take them off the streets.

The number one priority throughout this has been the safety and protection of residents living within the Humberside Force area. Police want to reassure the public that they are working to make the places where they work and live safe, and are achieving the goals set.

Here are the results:

Officers visited 201 different addresses from all over the Force area to try and locate suspects wanted for a range of offences. These ranged from rape through to failing to appear at Magistrates Court for road traffic offences.

In the first week, 80 addresses were visited and 24 suspects were brought into custody. 14 were from the North Bank, 10 from the South Bank.

The second week resulted in 121 visits being made. 36 suspects were arrested. 18 were from the North Bank, 18 from the South Bank.

11 were arrested over the weekend of 9 and 10 December 2017. 6 from the North Bank, 5 from the South.

The senior detective responsible for the operation Detective Superintendent Gary Hooks said: “I am extremely proud of the commitment and dedication of all our officers and staff in finding these people. The results speak for themselves and are a testament to the work we have undertaken.

“A total of 71 arrests is a very good result. We’ve achieved this by walking the streets, knocking on doors, acting on intelligence given to us, urging wanted persons to come forward and releasing photographs online.

“We said we would find those people and we have. But it doesn’t stop here. Far from it.

“Individuals who are a risk to the public have been found. Individuals who commit crimes again and again have been found. And we will continue to seek out individuals we’ve identified in connection with a full range of offences.

“Our intention has always been to continue this initiative as long as it takes to locate, arrest and bring to justice those wanted individuals that are still outstanding. Our focus and commitment is to pursue those suspected of crime, and we will continue to do so.

“Our invitation stills stands to them. We want those people who are known to us and wanted by us to come forward before we find them.”

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