Man arrested over roof top protest on Beverley Road, Hull

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17th October 2017
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18th October 2017

Man arrested over roof top protest on Beverley Road, Hull

Humberside Police have arrested a 19 year-old Hull man following an incident at the junction of Norfolk Street and Beverley Road in Hull.  He was arrested on suspicion of a number of offences including breach of a non-molestation order, criminal damage, affray, assault and public nuisance offences associated with the rooftop incident.

Chief Inspector Iain Dixon said, “Our duty throughout this operation was to safeguard the public and to secure an arrest.  It was always our intention to bring the matter to a safe conclusion – in this case the 19 year-old man was talked down from the roof safely without injury.

“These incidents are not without consequences – the wider impact such as cost to emergency services can factor in considerations by the courts.  Any associated offences are also investigated and charges can and will be brought where appropriate.

“We are very grateful for the positive response from the public who have suffered the inconvenience that closing Beverley Road has caused.

“There are many considerations in cases of this nature but our first priority will always be to maximise public safety and always try to keep disruption to a minimum.”

The man took to the roof of a building shortly before 3pm on Tuesday 17th October.  It was necessary to close a section of Beverley Road for the safety of the public, the man and the emergency services dealing with the situation.

The carriageway is currently being cleared of debris and as soon as it is safe to do so the Police will reopen Beverley Road.

The road closures are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone in the area and Humberside Police would like to thank the local community for their patience.

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