Meet the special sergeant who also works in our control room

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2nd July 2019
Three arrests following Operation Yellowfin warrant in west Hull
2nd July 2019

Meet the special sergeant who also works in our control room

Message from Humberside Police:-

Throughout the month of June we have been sharing a series of articles to shine a light on the fantastic volunteers that make up our Special Constabulary.

They have the same powers as a police officer, wear the same uniform and carry the same equipment, the only difference is that they do it in a voluntary role.

We have special officers working in all different departments across the force, from helping keep revellers safe to policing the area’s roads.

We’ve already spoken to Corey a cadet in training to become a special, Stu one of our Special Chief Inspectors who is also the Headteacher of a local school and Lindsay the Special Sergeant that has two other jobs.

This week we spoke to Special Sergeant Jon Mole to find out more about what he enjoys about being a special officer and why he signed up in the first place.

Q: Hi Jon. Firstly tell me a bit about your life outside of being a special?

A: As well as volunteering as a special officer, I also work for Humberside Police in the Force Control Room answering calls from the public and dispatching officers to attend incidents across the region.

I don’t tend to have too much downtime as I like to be busy, though having bought a house last year that seems to be taking up quite a lot of my time.

I also enjoy quite a few sports. I play football a couple of times a week and am also partial to an obstacle course run, having taken part in a few Tough Mudders and several others around the area.

Q: With all that going on, what is it that made you want to sign up as a special officer in the first place?

A: When I had finished university I was looking to join as a regular but across the country at the time there was a recruitment freeze so I looked at alternative methods of joining and came back to the Special Constabulary having looked at it a few years earlier.

I seem to have the same reasons for joining as most officers that I have spoken to. I was wanting to give something back to the community and also after a new challenge and this role offered both. I have been doing it for just over six years now.

Q: So what is it that you like about being a special?

A: I enjoy the variety of things that I get to attend and variations that the role offers. It gives a wide perspective of what is happening out in the community and also gives the opportunity to help those that are vulnerable and in need.

It also offers skills that are transferable to the outside world particularly in the way that you talk to people. I find myself approaching situations differently to how I would have done in the past.

Q: What type of things do you get to do as a special?

A: I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do a variety of things in my work as a special officer.

I initially worked alongside a community team resolving ongoing neighbourhood issues and listening to concerns in the community. I then worked alongside the patrol officers attending fast time incidents and ongoing emergencies.

Currently I am looking after the Hull unit supporting new specials that are straight out of training. This involves working a lot of the night time economy shifts keeping revellers safe on a weekend.

I also currently hold a police support unit level 2 ticket which means I am ‘riot trained’ and can be asked to assist at large scale disorder and other events such as football where these skills may be required.

Q: That must keep you busy, how do you balance being a special with work/family life?

A: My day job involves working shifts so that fits in quite nicely. I currently work 4 days on followed by 4 days off giving me the opportunity for some down time and recuperation.

It also means that I have the chance to volunteer some hours as a special officer when I can.

Q: Finally, what would you say to someone thinking about becoming a special?

A: It is by no means a role for everybody and it is a big commitment however I would recommend it to anyone who wants to give back to their communities and is looking for a challenge.

It is one of those roles where you get as much out of it as you put in, so I would say get stuck in and getting involved in as many things as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a special constable, and feel it could add something extra to your life, visit:

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