National: Vigilance plea after bogus workman targets vulnerable woman

Doorstep criminals using “protection against virus” claim to target the vulnerable
11th May 2020
National: Victim loses thousands of pounds to bank fraudsters
11th May 2020

National: Vigilance plea after bogus workman targets vulnerable woman

Adult Protection Services in Angus are urging people to keep their guard up during the coronavirus lockdown after a bogus caller stole £200 from an elderly resident in Arbroath.

Mark Hodgkinson, Angus Adult Protection and Review Officer said: “We received a report that someone wearing an orange jacket and pretending to be from Angus Council, conned his way into a woman’s house.

“They claimed to be have been sent to help with the cleaning but, having tricked their way in to the person’s home, all they did was steal money from them and take off. The crime has been reported to the police and the adult protection team are trying to help the person to be better protected in the future.

“This is one of a number of incidents we are hearing accounts of, with scammers and con artists taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown in various ways to try to get their hands on vulnerable people’s money. We urgently appeal to everyone to be especially vigilant during this lockdown period.”

If someone comes to your door claiming to be from a legitimate organisation, always ask for identification.

Do not give people money or your bank details if they come to your door with an offer to do your shopping and you don’t know them. And never give your debit or credit card and PIN to anyone. Always remember, those involved in doorstep crime have rehearsed their words and actions to play on people’s emotions and insecurities. Don’t be conned.

If self-isolating, please let friends and family know. If in doubt about anyone offering services at your door, step back and take a few minutes to contact others for advice. There is also good information on the Police Scotland website.

The Angus Financial Abuse Support Team (FAST) is available to assist any vulnerable people at risk of any type of financial harm and it includes police, Trading Standards Officers and qualified social workers and nurses among its number.

Angus FAST will do whatever it can to assist on hearing of a victim or someone who is at risk of financial harm. Anyone with concerns of their own or about anyone they know – be it an elderly or vulnerable relative or neighbour – can make a referral to the Angus FAST by calling 03452 777 778.

Police Scotland has launched the Shut Out Scammers Campaign offering details about relevant prevention advice and support services and advice and guidance on preventing crime

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