Postcode Community Trust – Community Grants Opens for Round 2

People’s Postcode Trust’s Small Projects Grants Programme – Opens
21st August 2017
Postcode Local Trust Opens for Round 2
21st August 2017

Postcode Community Trust – Community Grants Opens for Round 2

The Community Grants programme has opened with new guidelines and is accepting expressions of interest from not-for-profit groups across Great Britain.

Round two funding is focused on projects that enhance community cohesion through activities that bring people together and enhance a community’s identity as well as projects that improve the overall health and wellbeing of communities through exercise, counselling and training.

Grants range from £500 to £20,000 for those in Scotland and England and up to £10,000 for those in Wales. Only registered charities can apply for grants of more than £2,000.

Projects should help people gain better access to community facilities, community activities and strengthen communities in ways that are different, sustainable and reach a wide number of people.

The funding is for activities that:

  • Promote team/group sports and activities at a grass-roots level.
  • Provide or enhance places for sports and recreation.
  • Promote community arts projects.
  • Work in innovative ways to relieve older or disabled people’s isolation within their communities.
  • Improve the health statistics of a community through, for example:
    • First aid courses.
    • Exercise.
    • Mental health awareness or counselling.
    • First responders.

Examples of projects that would fit within these guidelines include the following:

  • Sporting projects that involve disabled people, the elderly, and girls/women.
  • Projects that train members of the community to become sport coaches.
  • Purchases of minibuses to enable disabled or elderly to take part more fully in their community.
  • Establishment of community choirs, drama groups, art groups, history societies.
  • Community First Responder courses.
  • Exercise programmes that benefit elderly or disabled people, helping to prevent falls and limit obesity.
  • Programmes that provide mental health provision for those experiencing various addictions or life-limiting problems.

There is a two-step application process.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 28 August 2017.

For more information, click on their website here.

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