Recent successes in tackling drugs crime

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20th September 2018
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21st September 2018

Recent successes in tackling drugs crime

As part of their continuing work to tackle drug dealing and other crimes related to illegal drugs Humberside Police have had a number of successes recently across the force. 

Their commitment to taking illegal drugs off our streets and finding individuals who are ruining other people’s lives, families and communities through drugs activity for their own gain is unwavering. 

They always encourage the public to come forward and give them information. They act upon that intelligence and will continue to do so to keep our communities safe and make them better places to live and work.

High profile operations and warrants executed on the north and south banks and further afield have resulted in a number of people being arrested and charged. 

They’ve seized large amounts of controlled drugs, cash, paraphernalia, stolen property and other illegal items.

When drugs are seized they always test them to find out what they are. Certain drugs carry a heavier punishment than others.

Not only are they reissuing a warning to those involved in drugs that they won’t stop their work to cut the supply, but also to people who take drugs to think twice and be aware of what they’re putting inside themselves.

Superintendent Phil Gadd said: “Drug dealers and gangs tend to target the most vulnerable members of society either to deal drugs to them or to get them to sell drugs on their behalf, as their focus is mainly on profit. 

“As a consequence we are finding that some batches of drugs are being mixed with a myriad of different substances to increase the profit margins of the dealers.

“This can be anything from talcum powder to domestic cleaning products and the list is not exhaustive.

“We work hard to divert people away from a life of drugs and crime and there are a number of different support agencies out there that can provide help. That help can be for those who are being exploited by dealers or who have an addiction.

“Please keep contacting us with any suspicions you might have about drugs activity. That way we can take them off the streets and prevent more lives being wrecked.”

Call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or you can call the Police on 101 with any information you might have.