Safety Advice from Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

Online safety advice issued in response to Covid-19
23rd March 2020
Chief Constable’s response to new Government measures to combat COVID-19
24th March 2020

Safety Advice from Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

Home working, self-isolating and social distancing…phrases very few of us have ever used before! This is the world of COVID-19 or Coronavirus. 

Now that schools have closed their doors to most pupils, children and adults will be more likely to be spending more time at home over the next few weeks and months. This could increase the chances of you having a fire or accident in your home.

Fortunately, by following our seven simple steps, you can significantly reduce the fire risk to you and your loved ones over this challenging period. Click here for the full list.

Follow us and our health partners on social media to keep up to date with all the latest on self-isolating and social distancing – these messages are changing by the day and ultimately will save lives.

Stay positive and stay safe.

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