Scam Alert: Warning to residents and those caring for the elderly

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17th April 2018
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Scam Alert: Warning to residents and those caring for the elderly

Help spread the word and prevent victims of scams

Humberside Police have recently had yet another case of telephone calls being made by people impersonating HMRC Tax officers.  They told an elderly couple that they owe tax and have to pay in the form of ‘ITUNES’ or ‘STEAM’ Vouchers.  They threatened the couple, saying that if they don’t pay they will be arrested and taken to court.

Sadly the couple believed the scammer and bought vouchers amounting to a large sum of money.

The couple purchased the vouchers from Morrison’s on Holderness Road who noticed there was something not quite right about a recent transaction and contacted police to report it, which was what started the investigations.

PCSO Chelsea Williams dealt with the case and was so concerned that other people might become victims, she said ‘It is very easy to believe these people when they call you, they seem so genuine.  They come across as though they work for HMRC and they seem to have a lot of knowledge about the local area and which shops to go to for the vouchers’.

As a very kind gesture the checkout manager of Morrisons presented Chelsea with a bouquet of flowers and a cheque for £250.00 which had been raised by the store staff for her to hand over to the couple.

Help protect yourself and others who might be vulnerable

  • The Home Office, Police or any UK Law Enforcement Agency will never ask for money, over the telephone.
  • Government agencies do not use non-secure payment methods such as a transfer via a Money service Bureau, iTunes voucher(s) or cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin.
  • When receiving unsolicited calls, be wary of providing personal information, or confirming that personal information the caller already claims to hold is correct. Always ensure you know who you talking to. Ask for the details of the organization the caller represents and call them back yourself on the officially published numbers rather than the numbers the caller may try to provide you with.

For more information about this scam go to the Action Fraud website.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud you should report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 20 40 or by using the online reporting tool [HERE


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