Spike in cycle crime – May 2017

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Spike in cycle crime – May 2017

Humberside Police are urging cycle owners to lock their bikes with a decent lock after a spike in cycle thefts reported across the Humberside Police force area in May.

The number of thefts reported rose from 132 in April to 184 in May with increases in each local authority area. In majority of case these have been stolen by opportunists that have spotted cycles left insecure or locked with poor quality locks or left in flimsy outbuildings.

The local stats for reported cycle thefts are:
•North East Lincolnshire: April – 21 May – 41
•North Lincolnshire: April – 22 May – 31
•East Yorkshire: April – 23 May – 35
•Hull: April – 65 May – 77

The top tips to keep cycles secure and help the police tackle cycle crime are:
• Always lock your cycle even if you are just leaving it for 30 seconds.
• Use a quality lock – 85% of stolen cycles are locked with cheap locks, don’t make yours one of them (Visit the sold secure website for details http://www.soldsecure.com/)
• If you can describe your bike, you stand a better chance of getting the thief who is riding it prosecuted, visit: www.immobilise.com for more details – and remember to register your frame number

The Neighbourhood Network are also running a cycle lock initiative, where members of the public can purchase a discounted bike lock at a reduced rate of £11.50. To purchase one of these, please contact the office on Tel: 01482 826061 or email: office@nnetwork.org.uk.

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