The Weinstock Fund

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1st November 2017
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1st November 2017

The Weinstock Fund

The Charity’s aims are to support a wide range of charitable causes, particularly in the fields of welfare, children, education, medicine, music and the arts. Charities must be registered in the United Kingdom. The Fund tends not to support research projects or projects based abroad. 

Who may apply?
We will only consider applications from UK charities registered with the Charity Commission, or charities holding a Certificate of Exemption from the Inland Revenue. We do not accept applications from individuals. 

What type of work does the Weinstock Fund support?
We support charities working in the following areas: 

  • Medical care and treatment, including respite care and hospices
  • Care for physically and mentally disabled adults and children
  • Education and training for adults and children with physical and learning disabilities
  • Care and support of the elderly
  • Care and support for children
  • Welfare
  • Music and the Arts

We tend not to support research projects. 

How do we apply?
You should complete an Application Form and send us TWO copies, together with ONE copy of the following information about your organisation: 

  • Current year’s summary income and expenditure budget
  • Most recent annual report
  • Most recent accounts

Please give us sufficient information to allow us to evaluate your application against the many others we receive. 

The Weinstock Fund – Application Form

The completed form should be sent to: 

The Administrator
PO Box 2318

How long will it take to consider our application?
Batches of appeals are considered on a rolling basis, thus there are no deadlines for submission. Only if the Trustees are not unanimous will an application be taken to the next available meeting for further discussion. We will write to you with the result of your application as soon as possible, although it is likely to be several weeks before you hear from us. The Trustees meet 3 – 4 times each year. 

When can we re-apply?
You can re-apply after a year. We do not accept repeat applications within 12 months, whether or not they have been successful. 

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